Plugging for Two Former International Extempers

There are links to two resources that I have been asked to pass along to the extempers who read this site.

The first comes from last year’s NFL International Extemp national champion and National Points Race champion Jacob Baker.  Baker attends Cornell University and is a member of the Cornell International Affairs Review.  He has founded a blog called “The Diplomacist.”  The blog, according to Jacob, is a “collaborative effort amongst students from 10 universities across the nation to express opinions about international affairs in short-form journalism.”  You can access “The Diplomacist” by clicking here and you can access their twitter by clicking here.

Also, Omar Qureshi, the 2008 NFL International Extemp runner-up, has asked me to pass along to any extempers who do Public Forum debate that he has a thirty page brief on this month’s NFL topic.  The brief is $10 and you can access it on Omar’s Championship Debate website.

These resources, in addition to what extempers and Public Forum debaters find elsewhere online and from different vendors, would be a welcome addition to anyone’s competitive arsenal.

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