Major Champions

In the extemporaneous speaking community there are four “major” tournaments throughout the calendar year.  These tournaments are the Montgomery Bell Academy Extemp Round Robin, the Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions (TOC), the National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL) Grand National Tournament, and the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament.  Winning all of these tournaments in one calendar year accomplishes a “grand slam” like in tennis or golf.  The only time that this has been done is by Kevin Troy of Eagan High School (Minnesota), who accomplished the feat in 2005.  Troy is the only extemper to hold a career grand slam as well.  However, Lily Nellans of Des Moines Roosevelt High School (Iowa) holds the major championship record, winning seven titles between 2012 and 2014.

Here is a listing of extemporaneous speaking’s major champions.  The following list only begins in 2003 because that is when the Extemp TOC was first held and became the last part of the grand slam.

*Red signifies an active competitor

7 Majors

*Lily Nellans (’14 MBA, ’14 TOC, ’13 MBA, ’13 TOC, ’12 MBA, ’12 TOC, ’12 CFL)

6 Majors:

*Kevin Troy (’05 MBA, ’05 TOC, ’05 CFL, ’05 NSDA, ’04 TOC, ’03 NSDA)

3 Majors:

*Dylan Slinger (’11 CFL, ’11 NSDA, ’10 CFL)
*Alex Stephenson (’07 TOC, ’07 NSDA, ’06 MBA)

2 Majors:

*Stacey Chen (’09 TOC, ’09 NSDA)
*Becca Goldstein (’08 MBA, ’08 NSDA)
*James P. Hohmann (’05 NSDA, ’04 NSDA)
*Akshar Rambachan (’08 CFL, ’08 NSDA)
*Arel Rende (’14 NSDA, ’13 NSDA)
*Marshall Sloane (’17 MBA, ’16 NSDA)
*Jacob Thompson (’17 NSDA, ’17 TOC)
*Josh Wartel (’15 MBA, ’15 TOC)
*Nabeel Zewail (’11 MBA, ’10 TOC)

1 Major:

*Brian Anderson (’15 NSDA)
*Matt Arons (’09 MBA)
*Reid Bagwell (’08 TOC)
*Jacob Baker (’10 NSDA)
*Vaikunth Balaji (’16 MBA)
*Josh Bone (’04 MBA)
*Micah Cash (’16 NSDA)
*Ben Constine (’11 TOC)
*Monica Coscia (’14 CFL)
*Tex Dawson (’07 MBA)
*Alex Draime (’09 CFL)
*Tyler Fabbri (’10 NSDA)
*Gabe Ferrante (’13 CFL)
*Daniel Hemel (’03 NSDA)
*Justin Graham (’16 CFL)
*Jack Hsiao (’03 TOC)
*Dillon Huff (’10 MBA)
*David Kumbroch (’07 NSDA)
*Evan Larson (’09 NSDA)
*Nathan Leys (’13 NSDA)
*Yijia Liang (’15 CFL)
*William McDonald (’12 NSDA)
*Jared Odessky (’12 NSDA)
*Courtney Otto (’04 CFL)
*Daniel Rauch (’06 TOC)
*Ashesh Rambachan (’12 NSDA)
*Ishanaa N. Rambachan (’04 NSDA)
*Akshay Rao (’07 CFL)
*Spencer Rockwell (’06 NSDA)
*Connor Rothschild (’17 NSDA)
*Miles Saffran (’14 NSDA)
*Samhitha Sunkara (’17 CFL)
*David Tannenwald (’03 MBA)
*Gautam Thapar (’06 CFL)
*Greg Wagman (’03 CFL)
*Colin West (’06 NSDA)
*Brian Xu (’16 TOC)
*Brian Yu (’15 NSDA)

Season Grand Slam Champions:

*Kevin Troy (Eagan High School, Minnesota) – 2005

Career Grand Slam Winners:

*Kevin Troy (Eagan High School, Minnesota)

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