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Site News: Closing Our Doors

buzzOver the last several weeks I have given significant thought to the future of Extemp Central.  As our regular readers know, I have had to curtail several content features to start the 2016-2017 season.  News quizzes were suspended part of the way through first semester, news about circuit results were not posted, and no standings were released for the National Points Race.  All of this is due to the fact that I simply have not had the time in light of existing work commitments – which have me teaching three separate AP history courses and other extracurricular duties – and while I like posting questions and R&Ds, I am not currently satisfied with the content that has been released this year.

I thought of trying to rearrange the content schedule to get news quizzes back into the rotation and then try to get our circuit results updated, but every time that I thought about doing so I simply could not find a way that I could rearrange the schedule so that this content could be delivered in a timely manner and with quality.  Anyone who knows me understands that I am someone that prefers to do things the right way and to the best of my abilities and not being able to do a project to my standards is why I have made the decision to end Extemp Central.

This website has had a good run and has hopefully assisted many extempers and teams across the country.  If I could have made a living chronicling the extemp circuit, I would have gladly done it but such a goal is not feasible.  I hate to close down something of educational value, but if history is any indication something will one day rise and take the place of this site.  Prior to Extemp Central there were other significant websites such as,, and  Those sites served as an inspiration for this one and more will probably emerge in the future.  If one does, I hope that they will make use of the records that this site has maintained and continues to add to them.

I thank anyone who has contributed to this site over the years, visited, or spoke highly of it to people they have interacted with on the circuit or at conferences.  It is a tough decision to walk away, but I feel that it is for the best.  I hope the rest of the 2016-2017 competitive year goes well and I wish everyone the best on the road to their respective state tournaments and NCFL and NSDA nationals.

-Logan Scisco

Site News: Content Will Resume on Monday, January 2

buzzDue to the approaching holiday and lack of tournaments during this time span, Extemp Central will not post new content (questions, R&Ds, etc.) for the next three weeks.  Content will resume on Monday, January 2.

When content does resume we will have a different posting schedule of various resources.  The questions will still be on Monday, but news quizzes will resume and the R&Ds will be tweaked.  Our national circuit coverage will also get a small overhaul, of which I will need members of the extemp community (coaches, former competitors, or existing competitors) to play a part.  I will post about this sometime next week.

I hope that everyone has a great holiday and thank you for using Extemp Central.

-Logan Scisco

Site News: The 2016-2017 Season Begins!

buzzToday marks the beginning of August and with it the beginning of the 2016-2017 season here at Extemp Central.  Much of the posting calendar will stay the same as previous years, with the biggest change taking place with premium content.  No premium content will be offered during 2016-2017 so that the site can provide more coverage of local and national events on the circuit.

In the coming weeks, Extemp Central will be updating the 2016-2017 tournament calendar, the TOC qualification boards for 2016-2017, and will provide the breakdown of the 2016-2017 National Points Race, which will kick off at the Wake Forest National Early Bird next month.

Here is what the daily schedule of content will be like during the 2016-2017 year:

Monday:  United States and International Extemp Questions
Tuesday:  Topic-specific R&D
Wednesday:  News quiz
Thursday:  Topic-specific R&D
Friday:  Weekly R&D that mixes U.S. and International Extemp issues

In addition to this posting schedule, there will be posts about national and local results, qualification board updates, and National Points Race updates as the season moves along.

Site News: Summer Schedule

buzzDue to a personal vacation, there will be no updates on Extemp Central this week. The exception to this is that the final standings for the National Points Race will be released late on Friday.

During the summer, Extemp Central will be updating our state champions list, putting together the qualification board for the 2017 University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions (TOC) and the 2017 Extemp TOC, and will still release practice questions on Monday’s.

Regular content will resume on August 1, which is the official beginning of the 2016-2017 season.

Extemp Central thanks all of our readers for 2015-2016 and we look forward to covering another great season in several months!

Site News: 2016 NSDA Nationals Coverage & Website Updates

SLC NationsDue to our coverage of this week’s National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament, our weekly content schedule will be changed.  Questions will not be posted, but they will return the following week (the week of June 20).  Quizzes and R&Ds will resume on August 1.

Here is the content schedule for this week:

Monday:  Random NSDA Updates (if they arise)
Tuesday: Release of Octofinalists & Quarterfinalists
Wednesday: Release of Semifinalists & Finalists
Thursday: Final Round Preview Pieces for IX & USX
Friday: IX & USX Final Round Recaps
Saturday: NSDA Tournament Results Write-Up

Site News: Schedule Change for Website

buzzTo best accommodate elements of my work schedule, the content releases for this point going forward will be the following:

Monday:  International and United States Extemp questions
Tuesday: R&D from Prepd; Weekly news quiz
Wednesday: Premium content topic brief & premium R&D
Thursday: R&D from Prepd
Friday: Weekly R&D from Prepd

Extemp Central will also be posting some brief pieces this week to highlight this year’s National Points Race tournaments and structure, a pre-season top 25, and will gradually work to update the 2015-2016 tournament calendar.

Site News: Off-Season Schedule

buzzWith the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament in the books, Extemp Central will head into its off-season posting schedule until August.  During this time, questions will still be uploaded on Mondays (for any extemp camps that may want to use them or for competitors that want to do some off-season prep) and quizzes will still be posted on Wednesdays.  However, premium topic briefs and R&Ds will not return until August 4 and 5, respectively.  Extemp Central will make a post when the SpeechGeek Market makes 2015-2016 seasons subscriptions available.

We will also finalize our posting of state tournament results in the coming weeks, as well as do a year-end wrap-up pieces to chronicle all of the big stories on the national circuit.  Additionally, a National Points Race write up and standings sheet that encompasses all of this year’s ranked competitors will be released near the end of the week.

Finally, Extemp Central has secured interviews with some of the season’s top competitors.  Interviews with NSDA International and United States Extemp Champions Brian Anderson and Brian Yu, NCFL Grand National Champion Yijia Liang, and MBA Extemp Round Robin and Extemp TOC winner Josh Wartel will be posted in August.  Extemp Central also hopes to do another “season preview” piece by gathering information about some of the competitors to watch next season.

Site News: 2015 NSDA Nationals Coverage & Website Updates

Dallas 15Due to our coverage of this week’s National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament, our weekly content schedule will be changed.  Questions and our weekly news quiz will not be posted, but they will return the following week (the week of June 22).  R&Ds will resume on August 5.

Here is the content schedule for this week:

Monday:  Random NFL Updates (if they arise)
Tuesday: Release of Octofinalists & Quarterfinalists
Wednesday: Release of Semifinalists & Finalists
Thursday: Final Round Preview Pieces for IX & USX
Friday: IX & USX Final Round Recaps
Saturday: NSDA Tournament Results Write-Up

State Tournament recap pieces will likely be posted during the week as well.

Prepd Finishes Year 2, Launches Software for Congressional Debate

l_2Prepd – software that helps extemporaneous speakers research, practice, and compete –  was founded in April, 2013. Thus far, nearly 300 debate programs have adopted the application. Over 1 million articles have been uploaded. With all of Prepd’s progress, it seems fitting that Prepd is now supporting a second debate event. I caught up with Prepd’s founder, Ian Panchèvre, to learn more about Prepd’s new product for Congressional Debate.
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Site News: 2015 NSDA National Tournament Extemp Topic Analysis Now Available!

Extemp Central’s analysis of the 2015 National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament International and United States Extemp topic areas is now available.  This analysis, which runs eighty-six pages, is written by Logan Scisco (Extemp Central; 2003 NFL USX Final Round Winner).  The analysis highlights the big concepts in each topic area, discusses strategies for the tournament, and provides sample practice questions for each topic area.

Those who have a season subscription on the website can access the NSDA topic area analysis by going to the premium content page and clicking on the necessary link.  If you are not a premium subscriber, you can obtain the analysis for $20 via SpeechGeek Market or you can purchase a 2014-2015 premium subscription via SpeechGeek Market, which will give you access to the topic area analysis and all of this season’s briefs and strategy articles for an additional $5.

Not sure whether you want to buy?  A sample from each brief is included below.
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