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HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of August 24-30, 2015

HOTtopics1. Should U.S. movie theaters adopt TSA-style security?
2. Do 2016 presidential candidates need police agendas?
3. Is Scott Walker’s alternative to the ACA feasible?
4. Will Congress pass the Iranian nuclear accord?
5. Should the U.S. encourage a war on the Korean peninsula?
6. Has New Orleans fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina?
7. Should Rand Paul end his presidential campaign?
8. Is America’s immigration policy broken?
9. Should user photographs be placed on EBT cards?
10. Is Ben Carson a better GOP presidential candidate than Donald Trump?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of August 17-23, 2015

HOTtopics1. Does the Republican Party need a more clearly defined foreign policy agenda?
2. Are drones an environmental hazard?
3. What does the future of Social Security look like?
4. Should more school districts adopt the NEA’s “ten minute” homework rule?
5. If self-driving cars become a reality, should their adoption become mandatory?
6. Should Al Gore seek the presidency?
7. Will the Colorado mine disaster do significant damage to the EPA’s reputation?
8. Does the Democratic National Committee need to hold more presidential primary debates?
9. What role, if any, should the U.S. play in the Afghan peace process?
10. How will China’s currency depreciation affect U.S. monetary policy?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of August 10-16, 2015

HOTtopics1. Should large corporations offer one year of paid parental leave?
2. Will the SEC’s ruling to require publicly traded companies to disclose pay gaps between CEOs and their workers lead to fairer CEO pay?
3. What role will national security issues play in the 2016 presidential election?
4. Is Hillary Clinton’s college debt restructuring proposal too expensive?
5. Should all U.S. states offer a back-to-school sales tax holiday?
6. How can the cable industry prevent more Americans from “cutting the cord”?
7. Should Howard Schultz seek the Democratic presidential nomination?
8. Did James Holmes deserve the death penalty?
9. Does the “Black Lives Matter” movement have the potential to fracture the Democratic Party?
10. Did the August 6 GOP presidential debate mark the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s front-runner status?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of August 3-9, 2015

HOTtopics1. How should other Republican presidential candidates handle Donald Trump?
2. Should the U.S. extradite Walter Palmer?
3. If the Senate votes down the Iranian nuclear deal, will it have negative ramifications for other U.S. foreign policy efforts?
4. Are low interest rates hurting America’s senior citizens?
5. Should Joe Biden seek the presidency?
6. How powerful should campus police be?
7. Will money decide the 2016 presidential election?
8. Should Congress defund Planned Parenthood?
9. Why is U.S. wage growth stagnant?
10. Should Congress grant Puerto Rico bankruptcy protection?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of July 27-August 2, 2015

HOTtopics1. What role should major American cities play in the fight against climate change?
2. Has sub-Saharan Africa been a neglected part of President Obama’s foreign policy?
3. Can the New Horizons mission reinvigorate NASA?
4. How will the Anthem-Cigna merger affect health insurance markets?
5. Do progressives risk alienating millenials by attacking Uber?
6. Will Gitmo be closed by the end of Obama’s term?
7. What role should the U.S. play in the Ukrainian civil war?
8. Will new U.S. ivory trade regulations help to curtail poaching in Africa?
9. How can the Obama administration better sell the American public on the Iranian nuclear deal?
10. Should Fox News change their Republican presidential debate rules?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of July 20-26, 2015

HOTtopics1. Is “politically incorrectness” a virtue in 2016?
2. Are evangelicals becoming politically irrelevant?
3. Does the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provide employment protection for LGBT individuals?
4. Is fetal tissue donation legal?
5. What reforms does the U.S. need to make to its criminal justice system?
6. Should Georgia remove the Confederate Stone Mountain monument?
7. Is Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy faltering?
8. Should states impose more regulations on homeschooling?
9. Is the U.S. doing enough to prevent acts of domestic terrorism?
10. Will the Iranian nuclear deal strengthen or weaken American influence in the Middle East?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of July 13-19, 2015

HOTtopics1. Should more states adopt Washington State’s tuition policy?
2. Are gun-shaped iPhone cases a bad idea?
3. What should the U.S. do if it cannot reach a nuclear deal with Iran?
4. Can Donald Trump sustain his current level of support?
5. Should federal funding be withdrawn from “sanctuary cities”?
6. How would a Chinese stock market meltdown affect the U.S. economy?
7. Will new federal housing rules harm Julian Castro’s future political ambitions?
8. Was Ellen Pao’s dismissal justified?
9. What would a Bernie Sanders presidency look like?
10. Why is the Obama administration struggling in the fight against ISIS?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of July 6-12, 2015

HOTtopics1. Should more states ban fireworks?
2. Is the U.S. becoming a global leader on climate change?
3. Should states replace the gas tax with a mileage tax?
4. What role should gay rights play in U.S. foreign policy?
5. Does Jim Webb have any chance of winning the Democratic presidential nomination?
6. What should North Carolina do about a recent wave of shark attacks?
7. Should the U.S. rethink its Afghan troop withdrawal plan?
8. Will “China bashing” be a significant part of the 2016 presidential election?
9. Is polygamy constitutional?
10. Should GOP moderates fear Donald Trump?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of June 29-July 5, 2015

HOTtopics1. How will the Obergefell case impact the Republican presidential primaries?
2. Is Bernie Sanders becoming a significant threat to Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations?
3. With no rate increase in June, is the Federal Reserve poised to raise rates in September?
4. Do recent decisions indicate that the Supreme Court now leans to the left?
5. Will the revised U.S. hostage policy put more Americans at risk?
6. Should the U.S. care about the Greek debt crisis?
7. Are transgender rights the next civil rights battleground?
8. Will Space X’s failures deter private investment in the space industry?
9. Should orthodox Christians in America follow the “Benedict option”?
10. How will the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage affect future First Amendment cases where religious and civil rights clash?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of June 22-28, 2015

HOTtopics1. Should the Charleston church shooting be considered an act of terrorism?
2. Is Donald Trump a serious presidential candidate?
3. Will a crackdown on dissident Republicans strengthen John Boehner’s power in the House?
4. Should South Carolina remove the Confederate flag from its state grounds?
5. What should Republicans do if the Supreme Court rules against the ACA in King v. Burwell?
6. Was the Iowa Republican Party misguided in ending the Iowa Straw Poll?
7. Does President Obama risk becoming a lame duck if he continues to push for more free trade deals?
8. Should Uber drivers be considered employees instead of independent contractors?
9. What kind of gun control does America need?
10. How should American schools handle truancy?