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HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of July 21st-27th, 2014

HOTtopics1. What impact would Rupert Murdoch’s purchase Time Warner have on the American media industry?
2. How can the Republican Party enhance its appeal to blue collar workers?
3. Would dividing California into six states produce a terrible economic outcome?
4. If there is a stock market bubble, how much of it is the result of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies?
5. Will Cormac Carney’s ruling against California’s death penalty survive appeal?
6. Should the federal government have a reduced role in the terrorism insurance market?
7. Does the House’s IRS probe still have legs?
8. Should vaccinations become compulsory for all American citizens?
9. Does President Obama have the right recipe for fixing America’s infrastructure woes?
10. Is John Kasich a viable presidential candidate?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of July 14th-20th, 2014

HOTtopics1. Has the American public lost confidence in President Obama?
2. Does the border crisis help or hinder Rick Perry’s 2016 presidential prospects?
3. What steps should Rahm Emanuel take to reduce Chicago’s high crime rate?
4. Has the vilification of the Koch brothers gone too far?
5. Is Carl Icahn right about the need for investors to be cautious about U.S. stocks?
6. Should the federal government break up America’s largest banks?
7. Is GOP obstructionism the message that Democrats should double down on to win the 2014 midterms?
8. Should the FCC grant Amazon permission to test drones?
9. How important is Louisiana’s Senate race?
10. Does Kanerva v. Weems bode ill for Chicago’s economic future?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of July 7th-13th, 2014

HOTtopics1. Is the United States still the world’s economic leader?
2. Will environmental concerns decide 2014 Senate races in the Western states?
3. Is soccer becoming a more prominent sport in America?
4. Should public sector unions exist?
5. Is Main Street benefiting from the current economic recovery?
6. What does sensible gun control look like?
7. Will the reemergence of Monica Lewinsky in the public eye help or hinder Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects?
8. Why is Scott Brown not gaining traction in his attempt to become New Hampshire’s next senator?
9. Why are U.S.-German relations so poor?
10. Is access to contraceptives a human right?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of June 30th-July 6th, 2014

HOTtopics1. Is Hillary Clinton making the same mistakes that led to her defeat in 2008?
2. Should some businesses be forced to repay part of the compensation awards they received from BP for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill?
3. Does the Golden Gate Bridge really need a suicide net?
4. Should the U.S. sign the Ottawa Convention?
5. Did the Supreme Court issue the correct ruling in the Aereo case?
6. Should a negative revision of first quarter GDP figures be a cause for alarm?
7. How should the U.S. tackle violence in Central American nations?
8. What lessons should the Tea Party learn from its failure to bring down Thad Cochran?
9. In regards to the protection of privacy, What grade does the Roberts court deserve?
10. Will Ed O’Bannon win his case against the NCAA?

2014 NSDA Nationals: Rende Repeats in USX; Saffran Bookends the 2013-2014 Season in IX

NFL Overland ParkLast Friday, the 2014 National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament concluded in Overland Park, Kansas and two national champions were crowned.  In United States Extemp, Arel Rende of Booker T. Washington High School (OK) became the fourth extemper in NSDA history to defend a USX national championship.  Rende triumphed by seven ranks over Cosmo Albrecht of Robert E. Lee High School (TX).  To repeat as champion Rende had to win the USX final round for the second consecutive year as he entered the final ten ranks behind Josh Wartel of Lake Braddock Secondary School (VA).  Wartel ended up finishing third in the tournament and was the highest placing junior in the field.  Rende becomes the first extemper in NSDA history to win the USX final round in consecutive years.

In International Extemp, Miles Saffran of Trinity Preparatory School (FL) won Florida’s first IX national championship.  Saffran began the season by winning the Wake Forest National Earlybird and becomes the first extemper since 2007 to win the season’s first national circuit tournament and NSDA Nationals.  Dylan Adelman of Lakeville South High School (MN) took second by eight ranks, but won the national final round championship.  This gives Lakeville South three final round titles over the last five years.  Adelman’s win also means that a Minnesota extemper has won the IX final round at the last four national tournaments.  Rohan Dhoopar of Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA) finished third and was the highest placing junior in the IX field.  Lily Nellans of Des Moines Roosevelt High School (IA) came up three places shy of winning a career grand slam at this year’s NSDA Nationals, but she ends her high school career with the major championship record.

Extemp Central congratulates all of the finalists and this year’s national champions and their coaches.

Here are the results of the 2014 NSDA National Tournament (Click here for tab sheet):
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HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of June 23rd-29th, 2014

HOTtopics1. What should be the priorities of the new House Majority Leader?
2. Is Andrew Cuomo doing enough to address New York’s heroin problem?
3. Should the federal government raise the gas tax?
4. What reforms should be made to the IRS?
5. Does the U.S. need a new constitutional convention?
6. Is the GOP heading for a split?
7. How will the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on software patents affect the IT industry?
8. Are local minimum wage laws preferrable to state and federal action?
9. Should the U.S. send ground troops back to Iraq?
10. Is immigration replacing the economy as the biggest issue of the 2014 midterms?

2014 NSDA Nationals: USX Final Round Analysis

NFL Overland Park

The United States Extemp final round has concluded. Here is Extemp Central’s analysis of this year’s final round. Awards will take place at 6:00 p.m. CST tonight. They will be streamed at this link.

Note: Notables judges for the final round include Lisa Miller of Nova High School, coach of the 2011 NFL USX national champion; 1988 and 1989 NFL USX national champion David Kensinger; MBA tournament director Adam Johnson; and Sharon Volpe of North Allegheny Senior High School, coach of the 2009 NFL IX national champion.

Note #2: 247 competitors squared off in USX at this year’s national tournament.
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2014 NSDA Nationals: USX Final Round Preview

NFL Overland ParkSix competitors remain from the estimated 248 extempers that began the 2014 National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament on Monday.  The United States Extemp final will take place tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. CST.  Extemp Central will provide a recap of the round after it concludes.

Extemp Central has provided an overview to give its readers some background on who they will see in tomorrow’s final.  The format used for each participant is similar to that used for our “Sweet Sixteen” pieces for the Montgomery Bell Academy Extemp Round Robin in January.

This year’s USX round is equally split between juniors and seniors and features four state champions, as well as the defending USX national champion.  The participants share nine Extemp TOC qualifying tournament titles between them.
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2014 NSDA Nationals: Friday’s Finals Are Set

NFL Overland ParkThe finals postings have dropped at the 2014 National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament and we now know who will be competing in the International and United States Extemp finals on Friday morning.  After competing for twelve rounds, all of the finalists will have tomorrow off to rest.

Throughout the entire tournament, the top five of last year’s final round of United States Extemp continued to trudge forward, but semi-finals completely blew up the idea of having anything resembling last year’s final round.  Three of last year’s finalists, all of whom placed second through fourth, will not be appearing in Friday’s final.  Christopher Jordan of Brophy College Preparatory (AZ), Chase Harrison of Millburn High School (NJ), and Adam Stromme of Eagan High School (MN) were eliminated after round twelve.  Also eliminated was Nida Ansari of Riverside High School (SC), who was the only remaining female competitor in the event.

These eliminations do not mean that Friday’s USX final will not be interesting.  Arel Rende of Booker T. Washington High School (OK) will have an opportunity to defend his national title.  He will square off against a geographically diverse field that includes Josh Wartel of Lake Braddock Secondary School (VA), who placed fifth at last year’s nationals.  Jasper Primack of Newton South High School (MA), the George Mason University Patriot Games winner in December, and two-time California USX state champion Brian Yu of Monte Vista High School (CA) are other notables in the final.  Rounding out the USX final are Arizona Division I state champion Joe Russell of Brophy College Preparatory (AZ) and Winston Churchill USX champion Cosmo Albrecht of Robert E. Lee High School (TX).

In International Extemp, Lily Nellans of Des Moines Roosevelt High School (IA) will square off with Miles Saffran of Trinity Preparatory School (FL) for the last time in a 2013-2014 final round.  Nellans will be participating in her third consecutive NSDA extemp final round.  Three of the other speakers in the round are Montgomery Extemp Round Robin alumni:  Isabella Paretti of Cypress Bay High School (FL), Rohan Dhoopar of Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA), and Gabe Slater of Denver East High School (CO).  Rounding out the field will be Dylan Adelman of Lakeville South High School (MN), who just barely missed out on last year’s final round and placed seventh.

No school managed to get more than one extemper into this year’s final rounds across both categories.  California and Florida each have two finalists, which is more than any other state.

On Friday, the U.S. Extemp final will kick off at 9:30 a.m. CST and will be followed by the International Extemp final round at 11:00 a.m.  Both rounds are being streamed online by the NSDA at this link.  Time permitting, Extemp Central will provide a breakdown of all of this year’s finalists tomorrow.

Extemp Central congratulates all of the finalists on their accomplishment and wishes them the best of luck on Friday morning.
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2014 NSDA Nationals: Semi-Finalists Released!

NFL Overland ParkThe field in International Extemp and United States Extemp has now been cut to fourteen.  Competitors have two more rounds of competition this afternoon which will determine who will be in Friday morning’s final rounds.

As expected, the quarter-final round saw some notable names fall by the wayside.  In International Extemp, Lyubov Kapko of Tempe Preparatory Academy (AZ), who finished third last year in Birmingham, dropped.  Former IX semi-finalists Abhishek Bhargava of Jackson High School (OH) and Eric Wang of Solon High School (OH) were also eliminated.

There will not be a repeat of last year’s United States Extemp final round at this year’s nationals.  Carunya Achar of Cypress Creek High School (TX), who finished sixth last season, was eliminated.  The other five finalists from last year’s USX final round remained alive, though, including defending champion Arel Rende of Booker T. Washington High School (OK).

Per NSDA rules, a non-senior competitor that reaches semi-finals earns an automatic qualification back to next year’s national tournament.  Eleven extempers have pre-qualified to next year’s nationals via this route (five in IX and six in USX).  They are indicated in bold in our semi-finalist listing below.

Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA) and Brophy College Preparatory (AZ) have a chance to put two extempers into the final round.  Bellarmine’s extempers, Rohan Dhoopar and Alex Doan, are in IX, while Brophy’s extempers, Christopher Jordan and Joe Russell (who we apologize to for failing to put in our quarter-finalist listing last night), are in USX.  California leads all states with seven extempers in semi-finals across both categories.

Of the twenty-eight extemp semi-finalists, five are women.  Four female competitors remain in IX, while only one remains in USX.  A female extemper has only won USX once since 1991.

Extemp Central congratulates all of this year’s semi-finalists.
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