Here is an archive of topic briefs on Extemp Central, dating back to the Extemp Question Central days on geocities.

2008 Presidential Election Recap by Logan Scisco (November 2008)

2012 GOP Presidential Contenders by Logan Scisco (September 2010)

2013 Judicial Issues by Logan Scisco (June 2013)

America’s Credit Crunch (Predicting the 2008 Financial Crisis) by Logan Scisco (September 2007)

American Education by Logan Scisco (November 2007)

American Healthcare by Logan Scisco (October 2007)

Budget Deficit Politics by Logan Scisco (September 2009)

Chinese Domestic Policy by Michael Garson (February 2008)

David Souter Retirement by Logan Scisco (May 2009)

Disproportionate Minority Confinement Part I & Part II by Bill Thompson (August 2014)

East Asia (Japan & Korea) by Michael Garson (October 2007)

French Pension Reform by Logan Scisco (September 2010)

G-20 Summit by Logan Scisco (October 2009)

Healthcare Debate Part I & Part II by Logan Scisco (November 2009)

High Oil Prices by Logan Scisco (October 2007)

Hillary Clinton’s Asia Tour by Logan Scisco (February 2009)

International Economics by Michael Garson (November 2007)

International Organizations & Perspectives by Michael Garson (January 2008)

Iowa Caucuses (2008) by Logan Scisco

Iran by Michael Garson (January 2008)

Iraq by Michael Garson (October 2007)

Israel’s Election by Logan Scisco (February 2009)

Kerry-Lugar Bill by Logan Scisco (October 2009)

Latin America by Michael Garson (December 2007)

Leftism in Latin America by Sarah Anand (March 2009)

The Middle East (Excluding Iran & Iraq) by Michael Garson (September 2007)

Myanmar by Logan Scisco (November 2007)

New Hampshire Primary (2008) by Logan Scisco (December 2007)

New Jersey Governor’s Race by Logan Scisco (October 2009)

North Korean Aggression (June 2009)

Nuclear Armament by Michael Garson (November 2007)

Obama’s Noble Prize by Logan Scisco (October 2009)

Omar al-Bashir Arrest Warrant by Logan Scisco (March 2009)

Poverty by Bill Thompson (November 2008)

Public Opinion by Michael Garson (September 2008)

RNC Chairman Michael Steele by Logan Scisco (February 2009)

Russia’s Foreign Policy by Sebastian Pyrek (September 2008)

Sino-American Relations by Michael Garson (February 2008)

South African Politics by Logan Scisco

Space Junk by Logan Scisco (March 2009)

Syria and Iran as Agents of Change in the Middle East by Omar Qureshi (October 2008)

Western Europe by Michael Garson (September 2007)




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