2015 MBA Extemp Round Robin Live Coverage: Round 6 Pairings

mba2010We are halfway through this year’s Round Robin.  The last round was experimental and questions were over very obscure subject matters such as the American trucking industry, upcoming elections in Lesotho, the closing of Vermont’s Yankee Nuclear power plant, and tax reform in the Seychelles.

The topic area for this upcoming round is the Obama administration.

Section One

Judges:  Sandip Gupta, Nathan Leys, and Aaron Lutkowitz

(T19) Marshall Webb (Saint Mary’s Hall, Texas)
(1) Justin Graham (Trinity Preparatory School, Florida)
(T38) Jad Hamdan (Jackson High School, Ohio)
(16) Phoebe Lin (Plano West Senior High School, Texas)

Section Two

Judges:  Logan Scisco, Carolyn Evans, and Bill Thompson

(4) Josh Wartel (Lake Braddock Secondary School, Virginia)
(T19) Vaikunth Balaji (Ridge High School, New Jersey)
(8) Davis Larkin (Parish Episcopal School, Texas)
(T19) Vishal Narayanaswamy (James Madison Memorial High School, Wisconsin)

Section Three

Judges:  AK Komanduri, Colin Malinak, and David Tucker

(12) Marshall Sloane (Milton Academy, Massachusetts)
(2) Yijia Liang (Upper Arlington High School, Ohio)
(3) Eitan Sapiro-Gheiler (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
(10) Noah Wexler (Nova Senior High School, Florida)

Section Four

Judges:  Robert Sheard, Harry Strong, and Jason Warren

(6) Brian Anderson (LaRue County High School, Kentucky)
(T31) Micah Cash (Booker T. Washington High School, Oklahoma)
(9) Nathaniel Saffran (Trinity Preparatory School, Florida)
(NR) Rohan Dhoopar (Bellarmine College Preparatory, California)

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