2012 Barkley Forum: Constine Wins Second National Circuit Title; Defending Champion Taft Finishes Third

At least week’s Barkely Forum, 49 extempers battled for the title in the first fourth tier tournament of the second semester.  Ben Constine of Yorktown High School in Virginia scored the second national circuit title of his career, outlasting James Fishback of IB-Boyd Anderson High School in Florida and defending champion and MBA runner-up Isabelle Taft of Henry W. Grady High School in Georgia.  Since the Barkley Forum in a fourth tier tournament, all of the extempers that made the semi-final round and beyond will earn National Points Race points.  All of the extempers that broke at the tournament have earned a bid to this year’s Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions (TOC) at Northwestern University.  The round was recorded and will be posted to NFL TV.  When it is posted, Extemp Central will provide a link to it.

Here are the full results from the Barkley Forum:

Champion:  Ben Constine (Yorktown High School, Virginia)
2nd:  James Fishback (IB-Boyd Anderson High School, Florida)
3rd:  Isabelle Taft (Henry W. Grady High School, Georgia)
4th:  Rachel Picolo (St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Florida)
5th:  Kyle Constable (Lee County High School, Georgia)
6th:  Isabelle Paretti (Cypress Bay High School, Florida)


*Nida Ansari (Riverside High School, South Carolina)
*AK Komanduri (Dominion High School, Virginia)
*Arjun Murthy (Trinity Prep School, Florida)
*Abhi Pandya (Southside High School, South Carolina)
*Miles Saffran (Trinity Prep School, Florida)
*Steven Tyler (Belen Jesuit Prep School, Florida)


*Brian Anderson (LaRue County High School, Kentucky)
*Cameron Bonnewell (Lake Highland Prep, Florida)
*Ross Hildabrand (Ravenwood High School, Tennessee)
*Charlotte How (Riverside High School, South Carolina)
*Armand Jhala (Montgomery Bell Academy, Tennessee)
*Jacob McHugh (Ardrey Kell High School, North Carolina)
*Joseph Quintana (G. Holmes Braddock High School, Florida)
*Matt Rauen (Pennsbury High School, Pennsylvania)
*Phoebe Ross (Danville High School, Kentucky)
*Brandon Slotkin (Nova High School, Florida)
*Harrison Stall (Southside High School, South Carolina)
*Brandon Zheng (Collierville High School, Tennessee)

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