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Here is a list of those extempers who have qualified, or are in the process of qualifying, to the 2016 Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions at Northwestern University.

Post-April 4, 2015 and 2016 state champions on the qualifier list are denoted by three #’s next to their name.  Per TOC rules, state champions have the ability to waive their entry fee into the tournament.

New qualifiers are listed in bold.

Category #1:  Qualified via TOC Extemp 2015 Elimination Rounds

*Sir Maxim Belov (Lake Travis High School, Texas)
*Kevin Bi (East Ridge High School, Minnesota)
*Paul Bousquet (Battle Ground Academy, Tennessee)
*Justin Cooper (Scarsdale High School, New York)
*Daniel Drane (Des Moines Roosevelt High School, Iowa)
*Allee Johnson (Lake Travis High School, Texas)
*Alekh Kale (James Madison Memorial High School, Wisconsin)###
*Shreetika Singh (Seven Lakes High School, Texas)
*Marshall Sloane (Milton Academy, Massachusetts)
*Marshall Webb (Saint Mary’s Hall, Texas)
*Brian Xu (San Marino High School, California)
*Matthew Zheng (Mira Loma High School, California)

Category #2:  Qualified via Reaching State Tournament Final Round if Held Before April 1, 2016 (or After April 4, 2015)

*Chris Allen (Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, Oklahoma)###
*Alex Barrett (Shewsbury High School, Massachusetts)
*Aaron Ludin Baum (Miramonte High School, California)
*Michael Butler (The Montgomery Academy, Alabama)
*Jacob Cannon (Saint James School, Alabama)
*Micah Cash (Booker T. Washington High School, Oklahoma)###
*Rahul Chopra (Concord Carlisle High School, Massachusetts)
*Grant Crews (Okarche High School, Oklahoma)
*Kaitlyn Dey (Meridian High School, Idaho)
*Daniel Ginsburg (Miramonte High School, California)
*Katherine Gladitsch (Fargo Shanley High School, North Dakota)
*Brent Hauck (Lakeville North High School, Minnesota)
*Maureen Haynes (Union High School, Oklahoma)
*Isaac Kabrick (Harding Charter Preparatory High School, Oklahoma)
*Jacob Keith (Muldrow High School, Oklahoma)
*Scotland Kemper (The Montgomery Academy, Alabama)
*Quinn Kupec (Moorhead High School, Minnesota)
*Alejandra Larriva-Latt (San Marino High School, California)
*Jason Ma (Newton South High School, Massachusetts)###
*James Morley (Riverfield Country Day School, Oklahoma)###
*Casey Orvedal (Fargo Davies High School, North Dakota)
*Charlie Park (Roseville Area High School, Minnesota)
*Khelson Partain (Muldrow High School, Oklahoma)
*Anirudh Prabhu (Bellarmine College Preparatory, California)
*Taylor Putman (Muldrow High School, Oklahoma)###
*Anand Raman (Madison West High School, Wisconsin)
*James Rao (Newton South High School, Massachusetts)
*Chris Rogers (Haskell High School, Oklahoma)
*Gentry Slay (Prattville High School, Alabama)
*Nathaniel Thoreson (Fargo Davies High School, North Dakota)
*Josh Troup (Prattville High School, Alabama)
*Joseph Wagner(Cherokee High School, Oklahoma)
*Bryan Yuan Wang (Miramonte High School, California)
*Bradley Wascher (Saint James School, Alabama)
*Hannah Yost (Saint James School, Alabama)
*David Zell (Altamont School, Alabama)
*Eric Zhao (Dougherty Valley High School, California)

Category #3:  Qualified via Two TOC Qualifying Tournaments


Extempers With One Qualifying Leg

*Vaikunth Balaji (Ridge High School, New Jersey) = NCFL Nationals
*Varun Bhatia (Trinity Preparatory School, Florida) = NCFL Nationals
*Justin Graham (Trinity Preparatory School, Florida) = NCFL Nationals
*Shawn Kant (Ridge High School, New Jersey) = NCFL Nationals
*Christopher Mayer (Montville Township High School, New Jersey) = NCFL Nationals
*Nathaniel Saffran (Trinity Preparatory School, Florida) = NCFL Nationals
*Samhitha Sunkara (Ardrey Kell High School, North Carolina) = NCFL Nationals

General Statistics

Current Number of Qualifiers:  49
Current Number of Extempers With One Qualifying Leg:  7

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