To access information on the Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions, including the invitation and registration forms, visit the TOC’s official website.

The Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions began in 2003.  It has always been hosted by Northwestern University and it allows the best extempers in the country to compete against each other in a two day tournament.  The tournament typically holds six preliminary rounds and three elimination rounds.


There are three ways to qualify for the Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions (per the TOC’s invitation):

1)  TOC Extemp Elimination Rounds
Any student who advanced to quarterfinals, semifinals or finals in extemporaneous speaking at the previous years’ TOC Extemp is automatically qualified for this year’s tournament.

2)  State Finals/National Elimination Rounds
Students that advance to the final round of the open division of their qualifying state tournament in extemporaneous speaking will automatically qualify for the TOC Extemp. Because many states hold their state tournament after our entry deadline, please note the following rule: “Qualifying state tournaments” are defined as (a) any 2014 state tournament that takes place before April 4th, 2014; and (b) any 2013 state tournament if your 2013 state tournament took place after April 2nd, 2013.  All students who win their state tournament will be exempt from paying entry fees to the tournament.  State champions that apply for a waiver must provide a verification of their state tournament results.

Additionally, students who have broken to elimination rounds at either the 2013 NCFL National Tournament or the 2013 NFL National Tournament are qualified for the 2014 Extemp TOC.

3)  Qualifying Tournaments
Any student who advances to the open division elimination round, depending on the amount of extempers in the field, of two of the following tournaments will automatically qualify for the TOC Extemp.

Bids will be awarded at each qualifying tournament based on the following criteria (per the TOC’s invitation):

Less than 40 extempers = All finalists earn bids
40-59 extempers = All finalists & semi-finalists earn bids
60-79 extempers = All finalists, semi-finalists & quarter-finalists earn bids
More than 80 extempers = All elimination round participants earn bids

**Students who do not qualify via these processes can submit an application for an at-large bid**  There is no charge this year for submitting an at-large bid


April 11th = Deadline for submitting an at-large bid application

April 18th = At-large bid applicants are notified of their acceptance to the tournament

April 28th = Registration deadline

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