To access information on the Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions, including the invitation and registration forms, visit the TOC’s official website.

The Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions began in 2003.  It has always been hosted by Northwestern University and it allows the best extempers in the country to compete against each other in a two day tournament.  The tournament typically holds six preliminary rounds and three elimination rounds.


There are two ways to qualify for the Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions (per the TOC’s invitation):

1)  TOC Extemp Elimination Rounds
Any student who advanced to quarterfinals, semifinals or finals in extemporaneous speaking at the previous years’ TOC Extemp is automatically qualified for this year’s tournament.

3)  Qualifying Tournaments

Students who do not qualify under the first or second criteria above can earn a qualification by reaching the indicated elimination round or placing at TWO of the following tournaments:

Quarter-Final Level Bids

Berkeley {The California Invitational} (CA)
George Mason University (VA)
Glenbrooks (IL)
Harvard (MA)
NSDA National Tournament 2014 (KS)
Saint Joseph’s University- Villiger (PA)
Stanford University (CA)
Sunvitational (FL)
Yale (CT)

Semi-Final Level Bids

CFL National Tournament 2015 (FL)
Emory University (GA)
Florida Blue Key (FL)
James Logan HS (CA)
St. Mark’s (TX)
Schwan Speech Spectacular (MN)
University of Texas- Austin (TX)

Final Round Level Bids

Apple Valley HS (MN)
Bradley University (IL)
Cypress Bay {Crestian Tradition} (FL)
Dowling (IA)
Isidore Newman (LA)
Nova High School (FL)
Princeton Classic (NJ)
Winston Churchill (TX)
University of Pennsylvania (PA)
Wake Forest Early Bird (NC)
**State Tournament Final Round if Held Before April 1, 2016***

Top 3 Bids

Arizona State University
California State University – Fullerton
Chanhassen High School (MN)
Columbia University (NY)
Downers Grove South (IL)
Durham Academy (NC)
Lamar Consolidated (TX)
Ridge (NJ)
Plano West Senior HS (TX)
Saint Mary’s Hall (TX)

**Students who do not qualify via these processes can submit an application for an at-large bid**

KEY DEADLINES FOR THE 2016 TOC (Invite can be found here):

*March 1st – Entries begin being accepted
*April 4th – At-large bid deadline
*April 21st – Entry deadline

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