Site News: Rebooting Soon….

buzzSince the 2017-2018 season kicked off, and a little bit before, I received a great deal of e-mails asking for Extemp Central to return due to its provision of practice resources for extempers and teams across the country.  I have also been asked at many tournaments about the site’s “closure” (although our page remained active for the past year).  As a result, I have decided to “reboot” Extemp Central and a new rollout of content will occur next week.

Do note that the “rebooted” website will not have the constant content updates on a daily basis that veteran readers might be accustomed to.  This is due to my work commitments and I do not want to stretch myself too thin or make promises that cannot be kept.  The weekly IX/USX questions, which were a staple of the website from its inception back in the summer of 2006, will remain, but I do welcome feedback on what other features people would like to see.  You can comment here, comment on our Facebook page, or comment on Twitter.

I will make a post on the weekend about a new content schedule for the rest of the 2017-2018 season and explain some ways that my running of this site can be made better with the help of the speech and debate community.  One thing that you will see is a PayPal button on our weekly questions postings where people can donate funds to the site, which is appreciated for the work that goes on here (and for paying for a National Points Race trophy – and yes, that might return for 2018 assuming that I can gather enough results).  For now, I have spent my post-MBA Round Robin Monday acquiring results for the national title, national circuit, and major championship pages from 2016-2017 and from this year so far.  If anyone has any state tournament results from 2016-2017 (I just need champions), please e-mail them to me at

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