Prepd Goes Mobile!: Prepd releases an iPad App, Prepares to Launch a Free Smartphone App for Student Congress

l_2Prepd is software for Extemp. Prepd helps extempers research, practice, and compete. For coaches, Prepd makes it easy to manage and monitor their team. Learn more about Prepd by visiting

Prepd is proud to announce the launch of its first mobile product! Prepd for iPad is an application that replicates the experience of Prepd’s Offline App. Prepd’s mobile app runs on iPad devices using iOS 8.0 and higher.

To download Prepd for iPad, simply search “Prepd – Extemp” in the App Store or open the following link on your iPad:

Prepd’s iPad app synchronizes articles from the Dashboard. Users can go offline and open folders and articles while in competition. The iPad app is free to download, but requires a Prepd account in order to log in.

Moreover, Prepd is weeks away from releasing a new product for Student Congress. Precedence is a mobile app that will run on iPhone and Android devices. As the name implies, Precedence makes it easy for debaters to keep track of precedence and recency in a Student Congress round. Precedence will be available for free to any person who would like to use the app, even if their team does not use Prepd’s Extemp software.

Learn more about Precedence:

If you submit your email through the website, you will be among the first to know when Precedence is available for free download.

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