HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of February 19-25, 2018

HOTtopics1. Will the recent wave of school shootings in America produce new gun control legislation by the end of 2018?
2. Is the FBI in need of a significant organizational shakeup?
3. Have American sports become too politicized?
4. Who will win California’s Democratic gubernatorial primary?
5. How will Puerto Rico’s ongoing problems affect the 2018 midterms?
6. Should the U.S. extradite Fethullah Gulen?
7. How can discriminatory lending practices by banks be curtailed?
8. Should vaping be banned in public spaces?
9. Has the U.S. lost its credibility to mediate the Israeli-Palestinian dispute?
10. Should Eric Holder consider a presidential run?

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