HotTopics: International Extemp Questions for the Week of January 22-28, 2018

HOTtopics1. Are Pope Francis’ political positions creating a significant schism within the Catholic Church?
2. Could the Olympics pave the way for a peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula?
3. Should Great Britain hold a second Brexit referendum?
4. Does the EU need to do more to secure its borders?
5. Is it in India’s best interests to form a closer relationship with Israel?
6. Should African states rethink the aid that they get from China?
7. If the EU sanctions Poland, will it lose the rest of Eastern Europe to Russian influence?
8. Will Brazil embrace the left or the right in its next presidential election?
9. Can international pressure on Venezuela’s military spark the ouster of the Maduro regime?
10. Is the Taliban still a significant threat to the Afghan government?

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