Five Sources You Should Consider Cutting

Extempers usually cut newspapers and magazines for their files.  However, there are some critical resources that could help you in a round or help you find the answers to some of the most pressing issues facing the world today.  Extemp Central has assembled a list of five sources that you should consider cutting for your file box.

#1:  The Index of Economic Freedom.  This source is compiled by the Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation and it evaluates how free economies across the world are.  Every nation is profiled and it is an excellent resource for economic questions.  If you decide to visit the site and print off all of the profiles, you may want to take the pages to a local printing shop and get it bound together as a book.

#2:  Upside Down World.  This is a left leaning think tank about Latin America.  Extempers might think that everyone in the global media thinks Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is doing a bad job, but this source provides reasons why Chavez is doing a great job in Venezuela.  It is also a big champion of indigenous rights movements in the region.

#3:  Der Spiegel.  This is a German magazine that provides fantastic coverage of European issues.  Finding European sources can be a challenge for extempers, but this is a fantastic resource that is easy to cut and sounds excellent in front of judges.

#4:  International Crisis Group.  Let’s face it, the world has a lot wrong with it.  International Crisis Group analyzes areas of the world that are facing political, social, and economic crises.  It’s full page reports are a lot to read, but provide fantastic background information for speeches.  Also, they recommend solutions for conflict zones and those can help extempers answer “How” and “What” questions.

#5:  Gallup.  The renowned U.S. polling agency surveys the public on political, economic, and social trends and also conducts polling abroad.  Why cite a poll from newspapers or magazines, when you can go straight to the source?

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