2018 NSDA Qualification Board Update (4/3)

Ft LauderdaleOur newly updated qualification board for the week of April 3 includes qualifiers from the California Coast (USX only), New Jersey, San Francisco Bay, Southern California (IX only), Tarheel East (NC), Yellow Rose (TX – IX only), districts.  Thank you to all readers who provided qualifiers.

To check out the qual boards, click on “Quals 18” at the top of this page.  If you hover your cursor about the “Quals 18” category you will see a drop down menu to select the IX and USX qualification boards.  You can also click “IX” and “USX” in this message to access the qualification boards.

We hope to receive more contributions and results in the weeks ahead.  If you know the qualifiers from your NSDA District, please e-mail the following information to logan.scisco@topper.wku.edu:

  • The name of the NSDA District and the state that is located in
  • The names of those who will be ATTENDING nationals in IX and USX. Please do not send us the names of those who technically qualified, but opted to go in another event. We only want the names of those who will be going in the categories to avoid confusion.
  • The schools those competitors attend.
  • IF your district has an automatic qualifier from last year’s NSDA Tournament (a competitor that reached finals or semi-finals in IX and USX) and that person will be going back to NSDA in that event, please let us know. If you are an automatic qualifier and want to give this information to us yourself, fantastic!
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