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The Rhetorical Problem of “It Gets Better”

Openly gay Fort Worth, Texas, City Councilman Joel Burns gave an impassioned plea to youth struggling with their sexual identity during a meeting earlier this month, urging them not to despair in the face of intense adversity. “I want to tell any teen who might see this, give yourself a chance to see just how […]


White House Hopes “Change the Equation” Initiative Will Spark STEM Growth

White House Hopes “Change the Equation” Initiative Will Spark STEM Growth

I’m proud to work for the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky, a program that–at it’s very core–is about changing the way the think about opportunities, education, and potential for Kentucky students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (often called STEM).  I firmly believe our curriculum and program of study is one of […]


Obama’s Challenge to Students

You see, excelling in school or in life isn’t mainly about being smarter than everybody else. It’s about working harder than everybody else. Don’t avoid new challenges – seek them out, step out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to ask for help; your teachers and family are there to guide you. Don’t feel discouraged or give up if you don’t succeed at something – try it again, and learn from your mistakes. Don’t feel threatened if your friends are doing well; be proud of them, and see what lessons you can draw from what they’re doing right.
President Barack Obama, Back to School Address, 09/14/10

Mild-Mannered Alter Ego

I’ve been pretty disappointed with President Obama lately.  While I understand that the hype that follows any successful candidate through the trail wanes once the task at hand becomes real, it seems like much of Obama’s early political capital was spent in on policies and plans that had little–if any–lasting impact on his or America’s […]

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Extreme Makeover: White House Edition

Extreme Makeover: White House Edition

Apparently while the Commander in Chief was on vacation, he got some fancy new digs for his office. The Swamp offers a comprehensive list of the new items included in the redeco and some insight into the conscientious decisions undergirding the plan: Details of the renovation were released to the pool reporter this morning. The […]