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JibJab Jr. Books Let Your Kid Star in Their Own iPad Adventure (And You Can, Too!)

One of the staples of mall kiosks has always been the book dealer who–for the nominal sum of $20–will place your child’s name in a storybook.  From Christmas tales to birthday celebrations to fairytale reimaginings, the kindly salesteen would give your child the gift of a customize narrative. It seems the mall kiosk has given […]


Kentucky Reads Fall 2010 Reading List

Kentucky Reads Fall 2010 Reading List

As part of her initiative Kentucky Reads, First Lady Jane Beshear has released her fall reading list for students.  There’s a lot of literary goodness to be found in the list below.  I remember a few summers ago coming across Where the Red Fern Grows at Barnes and Noble, so I bought a copy and […]