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The Ole Miss Ackbars

If your school is known as the Ole Miss Rebels, what better humanoid crustacean to lead the Rebel Alliance than Admiral Ackbar? No…this is not a trap. ESPN has put together the above feature about a campaign earlier this year to adopt the Star Wars character as the official mascot of Ole Miss.  What’s so charming about the whole […]


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If you’re paying thousands of dollars for a college education, chances are you should actually show up for class. You know, just sayin’. However, I can’t help but snicker a bit at the Skip Class Calculator.  The calculator was designed to help college students decide if skipping class is a smart move. Answer ten questions and […]

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Uncommon Application

"The key thing -- or one key thing -- is to actually find something that's real and honest about yourself and that you generally care about. It should flow naturally out of who you are."
University of Chicago President Robert J. Zimmer

The University of Chicago has always prided itself on the unique nature of their admissions essay questions.  They are not easy to answer, are often obtuse, and challenge students to come up with something beyond the common, pat expectations of telling a review committee about themselves. I admire that…a lot. With that said, I’m getting […]


If Rappers Were Colleges

If Rappers Were Colleges

Charlie Alderman at the The Huffington Post‘s college section explains the theory like so: Try explaining your college in a few words to someone who isn’t in-the-know. It’s a delicate business. Why not do the obvious and compare your institution of higher learning with a popular rapper? Need more?  Here’s an example that likens Kanye […]


Mark Taylor Repeats General Lamentations on the State of Higher Ed in Latest Book

Mark Taylor Repeats General Lamentations on the State of Higher Ed in Latest Book

…and yet I’ll likely take the time to read it.  Oh, look.  It’s available for Kindle. I guess I will read it. The Wall Street Journal offers a review of Crisis on Campus: A Bold Plan for Reforming our College and Universities: Mr. Taylor’s rhetoric may be overheated, but the gist of his claim is […]


RT @HuffPostCollege: 54% of America’s corporate leaders & 42% of government leaders are graduates of 12 institutions.